Every business interaction is a communication.

We help leaders and their teams achieve more — by transforming the way they communicate.

What the other person thinks you said is your reality.

Think of this as a crash course in understanding yourself and understanding others.

Poor communication is at the root of ineffective leadership, slowing business growth, stalling to market, managing risk, using technology and tools sub optimally, and the losing in the impact of AI. When the team is not well connected and collaborating, or listening to customers, or working in a culture where they do not feel safe to raise their hands, your communication is broken. 

The Sailor’s Sweet Life unique approach combines science backed communication strategies with research proven tools that help you and your team increase performance, improve communication and grow results. Nicole quickly assesses your team’s unique opportunities and struggles and then facilitates a customized strategy forward.

Our impact is immediate in your results*

We specialize in leadership and team development, using a proven approach that combines communication and human behavior research, to improve connection, culture and outcomes.
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average ROI on SSL leadership coaching
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reported improved communication, team collaboration and productivity
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reported reduction of unnecessary meetings and unintended conflicts

5.7x average provided by Stanford Business School Study. Other results calculated by SSL client satisfaction and impact survey.

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Tired of one size fits all solutions for leadership and culture?

You are unique. We coach you that way.

Nicole Elias Seawell is a dynamic, energizing, and highly sought after team dynamics coach, challenging conversation facilitator, and transformational leadership coach. She advises executives and their teams on how to communicate more effectively with research proven tools to optimize communication, reduce team disconnect, and increase productivity company wide. She supports teams with her signature Communication IntelligenceTM programs to create exceptional leaders and inclusive, courageous and high performing cultures.

Nicole is an enneagram expert supporting individuals and organizations by helping them to understand what motivates people and how to bring out the best version of them to optimize team and company goals. Powered by Nicole’s real world experiences and degrees in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and Law from the University of Pennsylvania, she uses her unwavering determination and innate problem solving abilities to your advantage.

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Effective Communication Starts Here

Through the Sailor’s Sweet Life Communication Intelligence™ program, you’ll get a new set of perspectives and actionable tools to help you communicate effectively with ANYONE.

(yes, even that person it feels impossible to see eye-to-eye with).