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At Sailor’s Sweet Life, we believe that feeling well and being prepared for life’s curve balls are the foundation of a fulfilling life.

About Sailor’s Sweet Life

Sailor’s Sweet Life (SSL) offers personalized guidance and resources for individuals and teams to help clients live their sweet lives through self-awareness, meaningful connection and empowered action.  

SSL leverages two highly impactful tools—Enneagram and Science of Timing—across multiple formats, including 1:1 coaching, group workshops and corporate/professional offerings. Together, these approaches increase understanding of not just what motivates you and how that impacts your understanding of self and others, but also when to expend your energies to experience higher life satisfaction, greater productivity and reduced stress.

SSL founder Nicole Seawell has a diverse educational and professional background coupled with a high energy and “everything-has-a-solution” approach to life. These qualities make her especially effective in 1:1 coaching, workshops and custom sessions for groups, families and companies. Nicole specializes in guiding her clients to find calm and renewed focus by reconnecting with nature, initiating a growth mindset to life’s possibilities and implementing actionable life hacks to reach family, work and life goals.

An avid traveler, Nicole is also well-acquainted with sleep issues, motion sickness and immunity support that can impair the sweet life. In addition to coaching and workshop facilitation, she combined her love of health and solutions to offer SSL Survival Kits to ease travel concerns and prioritize feeling well so that life flows well. Kits include tried-and-tested products to improve sleep, decrease effects of stress, increase immunity and lessen the impact of travel so everyone can sail through life’s adventures and journeys.

Meet Nicole Seawell

nicole seawell professional coach to help you attain your sweet life

Nicole Seawell is a wellness and productivity coach, mom, wife, crazy golden retriever lady, avid traveler, outdoors enthusiast, lawyer, entrepreneur and savvy consumer. She is a juggler and a doer, and she does life well. Nicole cares deeply about the future of the planet, raising her three boys with compassion and curiosity, being kind, learning constantly and doing the best she can with the information she has at that time…and then improving when new information comes to light!

Nicole is a recognized expert negotiator and productivity guru with a BS cum laude in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University and Juris Doctor from the University of Pennsylvania. After successful stints at Holland & Hart as a business attorney and at Inflow as Associate Director of Automation and Business Development, Nicole co-founded Women in the Mix (WITM). WITM is a social enterprise dedicated to furthering the proposition that meaningful work and family lives can co-exist through access, connection and an honest recognition that life is not a balancing act but rather an ever-changing mix of all its parts. WITM gathers more than 350 women annually to facilitate thriving rather than just surviving through curated content and experts.

Meet Sailor

Sailor Seawell, Chief Joy Officer

Sailor Seawell, Chief Joy Officer

He’s living the sweet life, rich in all the things we humans strive for. He lives in present, greets the day with enthusiasm, take naps, + delights in small joys like a long walk or a treat! And when he’s happy he dances around, wagging his entire body! Sailor is a American/English cream golden retriever living the Sweet Life and spreading joy and calm to everyone around him.  A percentage of all sales go to Ralph the medical dog program at Children’s Hospital Colorado 

Personal Testimonials about Nicole Seawell

  • She is the original Efficiency Expert, and Winner of the Best Camper Award

    San Francisco, CA
  • Nicole has a Spine of Sunshine and Steel

    Director of Modern Elder Academy
  • Energy for All, Soul of a Wise Observant Elephant

    Wellsley, MA
  • Just texting Nicole motivates me

    Denver, CO