3 Steps to More Energy, Less Stress and Easier Relationships

Each week, I hike with a dear friend. The 90 minute hike is a highlight in my week as it motivates me to hit certain mini goals because I know that friend is going to hold me accountable. It is a wonderful blend of physical exertion, creative brainstorming and soulful connection. This past week we celebrated our December birthdays near the peak of the trail in a field filled with deer and a sky so blue it looked painted. We FaceTimed another friend from Massachusetts and laughed and celebrated. My hiking sister shared a wonderful “Friendship” quote reminding us three of the POSSIBILITIES. And then we pushed ourselves physically while downloading our worlds and giving voice to our worries, hopes and dreams.

Each week before our hike concludes, we commit to something concrete and say “I will hold you accountable next week”. And the next week, if we don’t make the exact goal, we give grace but we also celebrate incremental movement forward. Progress is made in consistent small steps. This friendship provides support and accountability to push each of us forward.

With just weeks left in 2020, I want to help you make you goals a reality in 2021. However, research shows that most people fail within weeks of starting and feel tremendous guilt after the failed attempt. So let’s set you up for success – so don’t sign on to one size fits all advice or programs. Let’s create a strategy made for you.

Three steps to help you start 2021 strong:

1. Do you know your WHY?

Your WHY is the purpose, cause or belief that drives you. When you know your why you can align your actions and energies to what matters most to you. Let’s figure out your WHY. Have you tried Enneagram?

I LOVE the Enneagram as a tool that gives clarity on you and how you can grow with that clarity. You can try it for yourself through books, online quizzes or my Enneagram mini course.

Many of my clients have said that it is spooky how well the Enneagram helps them to pinpoint their superpowers and challenges. The basics of the tool are simple to learn and implement and then grow with you.

Action 1: Give Enneagram a try. You can only get something new if you do something new!

2. Get Outside every single day without fail and without excuse.

If it is too cold or too hot, just 10 minutes. New habits are made in micro commitments.

Getting Outside relieves stress, increases focus, sparks creativity and energizes action in you. It is your first win every day.

Action 2: Commit to getting outside everyday!

3. Build your support and accountability loop.

So back to that friend who I hike with, she will ask me what I want to be held accountable for next week. And I will ask her. And then we do it.

So I wish that for each of you. What is your source of supports and accountability for weekly growth? REPLY to this email if you are interested in learning more about forming a 2021 Accountability Group. (My superpower is facilitating a path forward always.)

Action 3: Identify and establish a structure of accountability for 2021.

I am here for you, Nicole

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