A Goal With A Plan Beats Resolutions Every Time!

A Goal With A Plan Beats Resolutions Every Time!

Happy New Year! Rah Rah Rah…Blah Blah Blah

So now what?

Are you feeling the pressure to make good on those hopes (that what resolutions really are – I hope/resolve to do better in 2022). But HOPE does not come with an action plan. And without one, well better luck in 2023.

BUT, I don’t want you to miss out on lasso’ing (I love TED LASSO) the energy of beginnings. You will need two things to make something new or different in 2022.

Ready, here it comes (It’s NOT rocket science):

    1. Sustaining Motivation
    2. Step by Step Plans to Start (mind you I didn’t say finish, we will get to that later)

So, toss aside the resolution business, and take on a goal (or several if you are game) with real plans! A few concrete steps to meet that goal is a plan. We are not talking big, complicated flowcharts or spreadsheets. Just a few simple steps equal a plan. Once you start, the next step will become clear and then the next and next.

So the question is do you have motivation? And the ability to start?

I can wish that 2022 is your best year yet – but you need to execute to do it.

So here are three simple steps:

    1. Get clarity – Write down one specific goal with a hard deadline.
    2. Take three steps – Write down the first three things you need to do to get started. Don’t worry about what comes next. Starting is the hardest part.
    3. Ask someone to be your accountability buddy – Friend, spouse, work colleague – tell them your specific goal and hard deadline and ask them to ask you daily/weekly till the date arrives.
    4. BONUS: Don’t worry about failure – starting is the WIN.

Without these steps, it is just a wish. And we are not living fairy tales (hello 2020 and 2021!)

If you need or want help, just reply to this email. I am a motivation and communications expert. Getting people unstuck is my superpower. We all use help – whether we go to the stylist for hair, the dentist to clean our teeth, the doctor for all that ails or the nail shop for a pedicure, it is help. I regularly attend continuous education seminars to be the most effective strategist and coach. So, let’s truly make it a…


-Nicole Seawell

**Catch my typo – there is always (at least) one! Sorry if it distracted you…my plan is a professional proofreader by June 2022.

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