Covid School 1, Me 0

Covid School 1, Me 0

Covid Online School 1, Me 0

I am NOT raising the white flag YET…

Though it is tempting.

I always say ‘raising boys isn’t for the faint of heart’.

Now I amend that to ‘online school for teenage boys is not for the weak of spirit’.

They are not engaged – really how can asynchronous learning compare to YouTube.

I need to be strong.

I need to play the long game.

I need to not cave because it is too exhausting to push those boys forward.

I need to be creative.

I need to be adaptable.

I need to practice patience.

And I need to meet each kid where he is.

How do I do that?

I turn to my Enneagram family roadmap.

I then tune into my adaptable tenacious Enneagram 3 energy and superpower to get it done! (If we know one another well, I see you shaking your head in agreement!)

And I recognize I am NOT parenting myself – my sons are Enneagram Archetypes of 7, 4 and 9 and though they are definitely my boys, they are NOT motivated by what I am.

So, I pivot my tactics daily which keeps the family sanity and harmony.

I truly believe I am not stuck.

I have alternatives for each son.

For example, I get better results and less procrastination by finding fun and novel paths forward for my 7 son.

I remember to help my 4 son see the special meaning in all this.

And I know that my 9 craves peace which when he doesn’t find it, he dives into the endless Xbox.

I take a DEEP breath dear friends, and then I pivot my action/words for that child and that goal.

It’s more effective and efficient. And we know I am motivated by that!.

Do you know that expression that ‘the path to hell is pathed with good intentions’?

Yep, that is parenting in the Covid era.

We mean well, but our execution sometimes falls flat.

(And well, teenagers like toddlers can have BIG attitudes)

It is generally poor communication, not poor intentions that leads to contention and disappointment.

So, if you need or want a rational tool, check out Enneagram.

I give a 20 minute overview explaining the Archetypes in this video!

I love to talk Enneagram and help other moms thrive. Email me or set up a complimentary chat if you want to learn more about Enneagram and keeping your sanity.

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