Enneagram for Young Adult Development and Success

Enneagram for Young Adults

The transitional time of adolescence and early adulthood is often thought of as one full of questions, uncertainties and angst. How many times have you asked the young person in your life “What is it you think you want to do?” or “Where do you see yourself going?” You may be met with a stare or a shrug, or maybe an answer that they have heard from someone else, but it isn’t really in line with anything that is a fit for them. And that is partially because they may not know yet. One of the main goals in the development of young adults is to work toward finding a stable sense of self. This is the foundation to self understanding and discovery, and this knowledge will help them navigate the difficult next steps and choices in their young life.

“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision.” Niel Gaiman

Introducing the Enneagram for young adult development and growth. The Enneagram is a remarkably powerful tool that is based on the idea that each person has a unique and innate personality structure, or “essence,” that shapes the way they see and act in the world. There are nine archetypes each representing a combination of unconscious motivations, superpowers, challenges, fears and triggers that shape their thoughts, feelings, and actions. We can help develop understanding and insight into self and other awareness, motivations, strengths, and triggers. Enneagram is proactive and action oriented. By gaining self understanding and discovery, a road map to a sense of self starts to develop!

Through Enneagram coaching, a young adult will gain:

  • Self awareness by finding their core beliefs, values and motivations
  • Self awareness of others which develops more empathy, secure relationships and effective communication skills
  • An integration of their three intelligences forCommunication Intelligence – the IQ (head), EQ (heart) and BQ (instincts)
  • An understanding of patterns of behaviors and learning the power to PAUSE, and adjust for positive outcomes
  • Confidence in making decisions that are in line with their purpose

If you are a young adult or parent to one, reach out to explore curated opportunities of support, growth, and development for success.

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