Enneagram to Maximize Productivity During Meetings

Enneagram for leadership and effective communication

Our 10 tips for Running Effective Meetings are a great start for any team. However, true success in a meeting comes with a connection between you and your employees. It is important that each employee understands the content and goal completely. This is done by presenting the materials and goals to them in a way that makes the most sense to them. 

Everyone is different, and knowing how you can best connect with your team members based on their Enneagram type, can be a very useful tool. The chart below details how each Enneagram type prefers to receive information. Use the chart below as a reference for dealing with different types of people in a meeting. 

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Communication Preferences by Enneagram Type

Type Preferences
Type 1 – “The Perfectionist”Provide a clear agenda and structure for the meeting. Acknowledge their desire for organization and efficiency by sticking to the agenda and maintaining a productive atmosphere.
Type 2 – “The Helper” Encourage collaboration and teamwork during the meeting. Recognize their contributions and show appreciation for their efforts to support others.
Type 3 – “The Achiever” Set clear goals and objectives for the meeting. Highlight opportunities for them to showcase their skills and accomplishments, motivating them to excel.
Type 4 – “The Individualist” Create a space for creative expression and unique perspectives. Allow time for introspection and personal reflection, acknowledging the value of their emotional depth in discussions.
Type 5 – “The Investigator” Provide sufficient information and data prior to the meeting. Respect their need for autonomy and independence by allowing them space to analyze and contribute insights during discussions.
Type 6 – “The Loyalist” Establish trust and transparency within the group. Address any concerns or uncertainties they may have, providing reassurance and support throughout the meeting.
Type 7 – “The Enthusiast” Keep the meeting engaging and dynamic. Allow for brainstorming sessions and creative problem-solving activities to harness their energy and optimism.
Type 8 – “The Challenger” Foster open and direct communication during the meeting. Encourage them to voice their opinions and concerns, recognizing their natural leadership qualities.
Type 9 – “The Peacemaker” Create a harmonious and inclusive environment for the meeting. Ensure that everyone’s voices are heard and opinions are respected, promoting consensus-building and cooperation.

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