CQ: How to Get High CQ (The Enneagram Practice)

Communication Intelligence for skilled leadership and highly productive teams can be created with Enneagram

Have you ever turned to personality tests or tools to learn more about yourself? Maybe you recall taking the Myers Briggs test from college where you were determined to be one of 16 personality types. Or perhaps you’ve researched your star sign (Capricorn here!) or Tibetan Mala reading or even an online quiz to discover your Harry Potter house or Friends character. And although we don’t recommend turning to Buzzfeed quizzes or astrology for increased self-awareness, we do recognize that certain well-researched tools can be game changers in understanding yourself and therefore communicating better. 

At Sailor’s Sweet Life, we believe that the effectiveness of the communication lives with the listeners and the goal of any communication is a shared understanding. It is a simple concept but not always easy to achieve. Our reality is what we DO or SAY, not just what we think or feel. To help clients learn and grow in practice, we favor the Enneagram tool to grow self-awareness and to help uncover the patterns in your coworkers to improve Communication Intelligence (CQ) within your team. Remember, CQ is one’s ability to effectively communicate with others. “CQ”  is measured by one’s ability to recognize their own communication style and the ability to connect and engage effectively to varied audience styles. Our ACE Framework is a way to improve both your and your team’s CQ. 

High CQ Is What Makes Good Leaders Great, And Their Teams The Envy Of The Company

So how can you grow your CQ?  Enneagram allows our clients to get deeper into the ACE Framework by bringing awareness to their motivators, preferences and natural style so that once they understand themselves, they can then adjust to connect with others for shared understanding.

What is the Enneagram? 

Enneagram for leadership and effective communication

The goal of the Enneagram in the workplace is to figure out what motivates the individual, offering insight on how they interact with others, get work done, and learn. Think of Enneagram as a motivation typing system rather than a personality determination. It seeks to understand the way you see the world and your driving values. Enneagram is a tool for growth. Unlike other tools, the goal of Enneagram is not to place you in a box or label you, but rather determine your natural comfort zone, and help you break out to be more effective. The idea is to give vocabulary to identify the way you tend to think and act and then use that to capitalize on your existing strengths and improve on your weaknesses. 

How Does Enneagram Work?

Enneagram is a motivation typing system that consists of nine different types (or “enneatypes,” “ennea” means “nine”). Everyone is considered to be one primary type, although one can have significant traits belonging to other types. To effectively understand and determine your own type, there is a combination of resources, self reflection, and tests to help you recognize your own motivation and how you naturally “show up” in interactions. 

Each type is motivated by different things. For example, someone who is type 2 is motivated by helping others and feeling appreciated, while type 9s are motivated by keeping peace, calm, and harmony between individuals and groups. In a previous article, we practiced with the beloved Ted Lasso characters. Ted Lasso is a classic type 2, he goes out of his way to help others and provide support and kindness. On the other hand, Sam Obisanya is a 9, he seeks to keep peace, not wanting to let down the team, his country, or his father. Each type has a different innate motivations and behaviors that come with strengths and challenges or areas for growth. Enneagram is insightful, expansive and flexible, and is used as a tool for growth, not judgment or categorization. For a quick guide of the 9 types you can visit our Enneagram reference key

How Can We Utilize Enneagram?

Enneagram is useful for both the awareness and connection steps of the ACE Framework. Initially, when utilizing the tool in the workplace, employees explore the tool and upon self reflection identify their likely type allowing them insight into their own motivators and common habits. Each type has preferred communication methods like directness, detail needs, pace, risk tolerance, and conflict style. The second part is understanding co-workers’ types. Perhaps you are a 7 motivated by fun and enjoyment, and you like to attend the office happy hour on Fridays. Understanding your co-workers’ types, it may be suddenly clear why one of your coworkers who is a type 5, might prefer to stay late to get their work done alone. Understanding how your coworkers are motivated lets you pick the best method of communication to appeal to them and give them the space they need. Remember, it’s important for your message to meet them at the listener’s ear in order to form a real connection and shared understanding.

Want To Explore Enneagram For Your Team

Interested in exploring Enneagram for your team? Sailor’s Sweet Life coaching services will help you use the Enneagram tool with your team members, giving them the knowledge about themselves and their coworkers that can make them a cohesive team. To learn more about our services and using Enneagram, email us at Info@SailorsSweetLife.com or click here!

Enneagram to create highly effective teams

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