Let’s Make the Unconscious Conscious

Let's Make the Unconscious Conscious

In his 2014 Ted Talk, Simon Sinek sheds light on the concept of knowing a company’s “Why.” He examines “Why they do what they do” over simply “What they do” or “How they do it”. With over 66 million views, it is among one of the top Ted Talks. I believe its popularity is due to the importance of this critical insight illuminating how beneficial it is for a company (or a person!) to know their Why (to know what motivates them to show up or not in any given situation).

I did not gain true clarity on what makes me tick until I was in my mid-forties. I don’t lack self-awareness, but I was so busy living and reacting to my busy life that I didn’t have the time for reflecting. My first adult chance was when I attended a midlife academy in 2018. My week created the pause I needed to gain clarity. That awareness has been powerful in informing my professional and personal choices. Since that time, I dug deeper into a tool I played with for years prior to that week, the Enneagram. I have found it gives an entire language around my motivations, triggers, and opportunities for growth. It has helped me to understand my true Why.

The Enneagram is a tool that is based on the idea that each person has a unique and innate personality structure, or “essence,” that shapes the way they see and act in the world. There are nine archetypes each representing a combination of unconscious motivations, superpowers, challenges, fears and triggers that shape their thoughts, feelings, and actions. It can help individuals understand their own motivations and behavior, as well as the motivations and behavior of other key people in their lives which can lead to more enjoyable relationships, effective communication, and optimal problem-solving. I’ve found it super-enlightening!

Do you know why you do what you do? If not, do you want to? We succeed by knowing what we care about and aligning that with our natural motivations. With our Why identified, procrastination crumbles and purpose ignites – professionally, personally, globally.

My Why is to motivate leaders and their teams to understand their motivation so they can live the best version of themselves – resulting in more joy, less frustration, and optimized outcomes. It’s simple but very powerful for me.

Motivated to learn more or at least curious? Let’s shine some light upon why you act and feel the way you do!

– Nicole (email me at Info@SailorsSweetLife.com)

Nicole Seawell is the founder and chief communications strategist and team dynamics coach of Sailor’s Sweet Life, LLC, a recovered corporate attorney, Board Chair and President of The Beaird Family Foundation, facilitator for Modern Elder Academy in Baja, Mexico, and an intuitive, actionable and very fun Enneagram Expert. You can find Nicole hiking the foothills of Colorado with her golden retriever, Sailor, or traveling to far flung places with her husband and three young adult sons.

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