Enneagram at The Office

Enneagram at The Office

In a previous article, we explored the nine Enneagram types, focusing on their distinct motivations, habits, and tendencies. The Enneagram system acknowledges that each person’s personality is unique and doesn’t seek to confine everyone to a single type. Instead, it recognizes the nuances and variations within each of the nine types, which are represented by the concept of “wings.” A person’s Enneagram wings are significant motivations and tendencies from adjacent types that they also exhibit. For instance, if someone is a fun-loving Type 7 with a wing 6 (7w6), they primarily identify as a Type 7 but also show many characteristics of a loyal safeguarding Type 6. Knowing this aspect of the Enneagram tool can help you further understand the nuances and complexities of what motivates others fostering better relationships between individuals. 

Enneagram at Ted Lasso and The Office

However, like we’ve always said, the power of the Enneagram comes through practice. In a previous article, we turned to the characters of Ted Lasso as a fun way to practice the application of the Enneagram tool on others.

In this article, as we practice using the concept of “ wings” with the Enneagram tool in our own workplace, let’s take a quick trip to Dunder Mifflin to look at how this concept can be applied to Micheal Scott and the rest of the gang at The Office

The wide range of personalities and archetypes we see on The Office provides an excellent place to practice different combinations of Enneagram traits!

Michael Scott is a Type 6w7 

As the manager of the Scranton branch, at his core, Michael is a leader. He is trustworthy, hard working yet primarily motivated by loyalty to his friendships in the office, making him a Type 6 “The Loyalist”. In many instances, Micheal puts his loyalty to his employees over himself or his work. However, Micheal’s extroverted, optimistic and playful attitude towards the job, presents many qualities of a Type 7. Michael Scott’s top priority is making sure the office is a fun place to work, even if it ends in chaos and dysfunction. As a 6w7, we see that Michael is easily distracted, as well as insecure and self-questioning, something we see as Micheal frequently seeks the advice of his employees. 

Dwight Schrute is a Type 8w7 

Dwight is an Enneagram 8w7

Dwight Shrute is assertive and passionate, yet egotistical and domineering. As a self-driven Type 8, he is mainly motivated by his success as a salesperson at the company and being the best assistant to the regional manager in Michael’s eyes. Type 8s seek control, which is clear as Dwight tried incessantly to become the manager of the branch, often using extreme tactics. Additionally, Dwight is high-spirited and seeks new experiences, like a type seven. Whether he is volunteering as a sheriff in his free time or teaching his coworkers martial arts, Dwight is thrill seeking and down for an adventure. 

Jim Halpert is a Type 3w2

Types 3w2 are labeled as “The Charmer”, and what better description for everyone’s favorite paper salesman, Jim Halpert? Jim is attractive, self-assured, and motivated by the affirmation and admiration of his coworkers, demonstrating a clear Type 3. However the Type 2 or “Helper” in Jim is what makes him empathetic and self-sacrificing. When it comes to his long-time love interest Pam Beesly, Jim is surprisingly sentimental and is able to put his ego behind him for her. 

Pam Beesly is a Type 9w1

Type 9s are peacemaking, and supportive. Pam will easily go along with the ideas and plans of her coworkers, rarely sharing her own opinions with the group. While this is often beneficial to keep the peace between coworkers, we see Pam compromising her personal interests to maintain peace in relationships, or in career aspirations. For many years Pam dreams of being an artist, but does little to pursue this for risk of instability or failure. Similarly, she stays in a relationship with her fiance Roy for far too long, scared of disrupting her life by wanting to end the relationship. Pam’s Type 1 side is organized and thoughtful. As the office receptionist, Pam is on-top of things and is basically Michael’s right hand person. Labeled “The Dreamer”, type 9w1 is a perfect description of Pam Beesly.

Andy Bernard is a Type 2w3

Andy is an obvious Type 2 motivated by helping others around him and pleasing his boss. Type 2s are empathetic, warm and constantly doing things for others, while Type 3s are ambitious and often status conscious. Andy’s constantly reminding his co-workers that he went to Cornell to flaunt his “status” as an Ivy League graduate. As a combination of the two types, Andy is overly friendly and helpful, but conscious of where this can get him status and career-wise. Many label him a kiss-up to his boss Michael Scott, as he is always bending over-backwards for his boss while striving to out-rank his nemesis Dwight Schrute. 

Angela Martin is a Type 8w9

Angela Martin is known for her judging remarks and her no-nonsense attitude. Throughout her time on the show, she is largely an unlikable character but shows an interesting Enneagram combination. As a Type 8, just like her love interest Dwight Schrute, she is strong-willed, and decisive, knowing exactly what she wants and how to get it. She is seen as the dictator of the party-planning committee making enemies with the other women in the office. And while this does not seem like the behavior of a Type 9, Angela gathers her strength from a place of calm. In conflict with the other characters, Angela is able to wait and endure while others become frustrated first, showing qualities of a 9 because she has peace within herself in the midst of conflict. 

Different Wings Make a Difference – The Nuance

As we can see, the different combinations of Enneagram traits result in widely different characters. Someone’s secondary motivators and attitudes can make a noticeable difference in the resulting personality traits and actions. A person’s unique combination of motivators is significant. For example, while Angela and Pam both present aspects of a Type 9, they constantly butt heads throughout the series, and appear as if they couldn’t be more different. 

Watching these characters interact on screen dramatizes the interactions between different types of people in a workplace, and looking into their Enneagram is a helpful practice tool for grappling with the greater nuances within Enneagram. Practice is key. The more we practice, the more we are able to effectively use enneagram as a way that we can recognize beyond ourselves bridging the differences and harnessing the power of the similarities. 

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