CQ: An Engaged Team Is Your Most Valuable Resource

Engagement is key to a successful team

Yikes, have you been talking into the dreaded black abyss of Zoom – no or very few cameras on? Pssst…this is a sign that your team is likely not engaged rather than just having a bad hair day. We’ve all had the experience of logging onto a virtual meeting platform where the screen quickly fills … Read more

Ted Lasso’d Your Heart and Made You BELIEVE

Ted Lasso'd Your Heart and Made You BELIEVE

TM & © 2020-2023 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved. The power in the Enneagram is the ability to apply it to everyday situations. First you need to know your type so you can show up as the best version of you. But then you need to know others or at least an educated … Read more

CQ: Connection is the Bridge in ACEing Communication

Communication Intelligence requires connected teams

In the last article we discussed how being Aware of stylistic differences in communications is the first pillar of skilled Communication Intelligence (CQ). Remember the highway analogy? It likened drivers moving at different speeds on the highway to people communicating in different styles in the workplace. Individual styles often trump community needs on the highway … Read more

CQ: ACE Your Awareness

Communication Intelligence: ACE Your Awareness  Have you ever been driving along a highway at your typical speed and all of a sudden you get passed by someone going faster? You may think, “that person is crazy and reckless!” Later on, maybe you get stuck behind a slower driver and you become frustrated that they just … Read more