What’s the Fastest Path to Disappointment?

What's the Fastest Path to Disappointment?

Unrealistic expectations.

Yep, no doubt.

Are you attached to the exact outcome? How do you feel when things don’t turn out how you hoped? How are you feeling about 2020 as a whole?

When what we expect doesn’t align with what we get, we are disappointed, frustrated, and ultimately less motivated to move forward.

And isn’t that pretty much 2020 so far?

Universally, whatever we each had planned is not turning out that way.

And okay, I admit as a planner, I spent the first days of Covid life looking for ways to still make my plans work.

But, I changed my expectations to be fluid. And I found more joy.

I let go of what my Class of 2020 son’s college freshman year looks like. It certainly won’t be typical or recognizable to any past freshman year. And we all know I am continuously triaging my high school sons school year.

Meeting up with friends is different but staying connected has persevered. The old time lunch or in-person gathering may now be a synchronous walk with an Airpod (I always only wear one) or an interactive Zoom. In fact this July, I learned to make French Macarons via Zoom, and next week a friend is teaching Madeleines. Yum!

I am NOT awaiting words of praise or thanks from my boys for all the efforts my husband and I take to keep them entertained, engaged and educated. Are you laughing yet that I ever expected teenage boys to be full of daily gratitude for their parents?

I accepted that business as usual is a thing of the past. Certain things are harder and slower to accomplish, but unforeseen opportunities have emerged too like guiding clients to maximize their opportunities and celebrate their wins with online check ins. Business plans change weekly to adapt which requires more time and thoughtfulness but there is less frustration.

I rescheduled those International celebration trips, and stopped spinning on whether they will happen. I negotiated flexibility, so now I live and see what 2021 brings.

I recognize that we all handle the uncertainty differently.

I know that people who regularly evaluate their reality with their goals and then course correct, are happier and more successful. I want to be one of them. Don’t you?

I know the words we choose to describe our situation is how we perceive our reality. If I say life is hard, challenging, terrible, unfair, then I believe it is so. If I say I see opportunity, I can do this; well, we live that reality.

I know my choices are not necessarily right for you, or yours for me, but for sure, we will all live a happier and more successful day if we are flexible in the outcome.

So, as we make plans, big and small, for today and tomorrow, let’s embrace the journey and not so much the outcome. Remember, unrealistic expectations are the fastest path to disappointment.

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