Why we need Communication Intelligence™

No one really teaches us how to talk with one another—at least, not in a way that leads to real understanding. So we all end up communicating in a way that makes sense, first and foremost, to ourselves. That works with people who think like we do, but leaves us frustrated and stuck with others.

So that’s where we all start: entrenched in our own style, with a few blind spots, not sure how to overcome the obstacles we run into with certain folks.

I help you thoughtfully examine your own style and learn to adapt to communicate effectively with all the different people in your life—from the people you live with to the people you work with. I call this skillset Communication Intelligence. Communication intelligence is your understanding of (and ability to adjust your approach to) five key aspects of communication: pace, risk orientation, conflict style, detail needs, and adaptability.

Because if we keep our heads down and only really connect with people who think our way or do things our way, we’re missing out—on the most effective collaboration, the most rewarding relationships, the best work we can do, and the best, most skilled version of ourselves.

For organizations, this exploration can transform company culture, creating a more welcoming and productive environment for a diverse set of thinkers and doers. My work clears the way for more efficient and effective collaboration, making every employee feel heard and valued and improving work quality.

For individuals, improving Communication Intelligence strengthens relationships, amplifies your ability to lead, and pushes you to consider new perspectives—ultimately helping you become the most skilled version of yourself.

Understanding your communication archetype and impact will make all the difference in a rapidly moving world where technologies like AI bring new opportunities and challenges daily. Let’s get you communicating intelligently.

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Through the Sailor’s Sweet Life Communication Intelligence™ program, you’ll get a new set of perspectives and actionable tools to help you communicate effectively with ANYONE.

(yes, even that person it feels impossible to see eye-to-eye with).