Group Workshops

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Embark on a fun, life-enhancing session filled with AHA moments that spark brilliant unexpected solutions!

Sailor’s Sweet Life (SSL) group workshops help clients simplify, maximize and enjoy life by utilizing their motivation, productivity and communication styles to shift mundane, everyday tasks into empowered and informed interactions. 

All sessions are facilitated by wellness and productivity coach Nicole Seawell (learn more about Nicole!), whose boundless energy, subject matter expertise and quick-on-her feet, solutions-oriented thinking engages groups across genders, ages and professions. Following these 2-hour workshops, participants leave armed with resources and suggestions they can implement immediately and with little effort. No grand gestures or opportunities needed, simply small tweaks and actions build into great changes over time!

Workshops can be customized for any group size. While smaller groups tend to enjoy more interaction, the beauty of SSL tools is that because various types share common elements, so participants can learn about themselves while engaging with the self-discovery of others. Examples of groups that have benefitted from SSL workshops include:

  • 9 girlfriends seeking connection and solutions for juggling family, work and self-care
  • A family of 6 looking to minimize stressors and maximize joy within the family unit
  • A 15-member active seniors book club emphasizing self-discovery
  • A group of 10 college-bound high school students navigating a common life transition
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Live Your Sweet Life Workshop – Introduction to Enneagram

An overview of the Enneagram System including your unique pattern of thinking, feeling and action; explores blind spots, worldview, core fears, gifts, and challenges.

  • Discover simple, game changing ways to refuel and THRIVE rather than survive
  • Be MEGA productive post workshop with new information about yourself and practical tools to implement immediately
  • AWAKEN your creativity and energy
  • EXAMINE your relationship with self and others

SHIFT mundane, everyday tasks and moments into empowered and informed interactions

Live Your Sweet Life Workshop – Enneagram Advanced

A deeper dive into the powerful and practical tool of Enneagram for fully empowered professional and personal relationships. 

  • ENJOY more productive and less stressful interactions with your relationships that matter most – spouse, children, parents, colleagues and community
  • Understand the nuance of what is really being communicated in your interactions
  • Learn to treat others how they want to be treated, and be amazed by the results
  • Meaningful interaction, intention and walk-away actions that will pay dividends for years to come

Science of Timing Workshop

Embark on an engaging, life-changing session that boils down the science of human performance, yielding practical solutions for WHEN you can do WHAT to maximize joy and productivity. Learn more about SSL’s proprietary Science of Timing approach here.

  • Discover simple, game changing ways to PLAN your day and energy use
  • Be MEGA productive post workshop armed with science backed information as Peak, Trough and Recovery Energy and Focus Cycles
  • Learn practical tools to implement immediately

While the Science of Timing workshop is a meaningful stand-alone offering, it can be particularly impactful when used in conjunction with SSL Enneagram workshops. Together, these tools reveal not just what motivates you and how that impacts your understanding of self and others, but also when to expend your energies to experience higher life satisfaction, greater productivity and reduced stress

Family Workshops—Enneagram and Science of Timing

SSL workshops emphasize self-awareness, meaningful connection and empowered action—where better to apply these concepts than to family relationships that matter most! Learn to:

  • Shift mundane tasks and routines with your spouse and children into energizing interactions
  • Foster genuine understanding of one another’s motivators, including sweet and bitter sides
  • Develop a common language for communicating praise, frustration, feedback and expectations
  • Depersonalize interactions when family members are in their bitter sides
  • Streamline schedules and routines for increased efficiency and harmony (morning routines, anyone?!)

Family workshops are customized in both content and delivery to meet the unique needs of the family unit. Children as young as 10 can engage meaningfully in the Enneagram and Science of Timing tools, although the actual benefit may depend on maturity and reading level.

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