Personal Development

When we can understand ourselves and others’ behavior through the lens of what motivates each of us and what we each value, we can connect better, using the same patterns of thinking and understanding they use.


Ideal for parents, young adults. college bound students. & college students launching into independence

This is your chance to make your life simpler by understanding your motivations and reactions and using it for more of what you want and less of what you do not. Athletes have coaches to optimize their performance, and you can have one to increase your life satisfaction.

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Group Workshops

ideal for Families, Social Groups, & Bookclubs

Experiencing easy conversations with one kid and not so much with another? Differences of opinions tearing your group apart? Feeling meh and not engaged? Grab your friends and/or family for a custom workshop to identify your Enneagram Archetypes to improve clarity, conflict resolution and effective communication tactics. You will wish you started yesterday.
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Frequently Asked Questions

No one really teaches us how to talk with one another—at least, not in a way that leads to real understanding. So we all end up communicating in a way that makes sense, first and foremost, to ourselves. That works with people who think like we do, but leaves us frustrated and stuck with others.

So that’s where we all start: entrenched in our own style, with a few blind spots, not sure how to overcome the obstacles we run into with certain folks.

I help you thoughtfully examine your own style and learn to adapt to communicate effectively with all the different people in your life—from the people you live with to the people you work with. I call this skillset Communication Intelligence™. Communication intelligence is your understanding of (and ability to adjust your approach to) five key aspects of communication: pace, risk orientation, conflict style, detail needs, and adaptability.

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To figure out Why we show up the way we do, we introduce you to the tool of the Enneagram. The Enneagram is a tool based on the idea that each person has a unique and innate personality structure, or “essence,” that shapes the way they see and act in the world. Unlike other tools, the Enneagram does not put you in a box, but rather helps you know which box you are in and find your way out.

There are nine archetypes each representing a combination of unconscious motivations, superpowers, challenges, fears, and triggers that shape their thoughts, feelings, and actions. It can help individuals understand their own motivations and behavior, as well as the motivations and behavior of other key people in their lives which can lead to more enjoyable relationships, effective communication, and optimal problem-solving.

Learn and utilize the Enneagram tool to improve communication, increase self and other awareness, and grow effective leadership skills by recognizing the strengths and challenges of each yourself and others. By recognizing these motivations and patterns, we can effectively tweak or pivot our approach for decreasing distraction and frustration between individuals and across organizations. It leads to optimal outcomes.

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Enneagram works for anyone who wants to improve communication, increase self and other awareness, and grow their skills by recognizing the strengths and challenges of yourself and others. By recognizing these motivations and patterns, we can effectively tweak or pivot our approach leading to decreased frustration and better relationships. More joy, less stress.

We do an exploration call first to assess needs and fit. We offer a multitude of packages and options.

For individual clients, we suggest 15 years of age. For family clients, we will work with age 10 years and older.

Family sessions are equally as important for productive healthy relationships as challenged relatioships. We encourage any family with teenagers to step into easier and more joyful family interactions as well as conflict resolution handling.

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Effective Communication Starts Here

Through the Sailor’s Sweet Life Communication Intelligence™ program, you’ll get a new set of perspectives and actionable tools to help you communicate effectively with ANYONE.

(yes, even that person it feels impossible to see eye-to-eye with).