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“Hiring Nicole was the best investment our company could make. We all grew as team members and leaders and viewed our time with Nicole as a real tangible skill set that will help us in our careers. Nicole was instrumental in making our team more effective. We all became more aware of the different ways in which we all communicate. It’s not just about what we say but how that is heard by others.”

Courtnee Chun
Chief of Investor Relations, Liberty Media
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“Nicole is an absolute communication effectiveness expert! She utilizes the Enneagram framework to help individuals and teams learn to better understand themselves, how to work more effectively with each other, and how to increase overall engagement! Nicole led a two-day workshop for our team of ~50 (1/2 on person- 1/2 virtually). The reviews from the team have been absolutely stellar – having participated in prior Enneagram workshops, Nicole is the only expert I would call upon in the future.”

Mikel Chertudi
Sr. VP Marketing, Guild Education and Audio Eye
Headshot of Kate Forestall

“Nicole is an excellent, insightful coach, especially for leadership teams. Her mastery of enneagram allows her to see and understand team dynamics in a unique way. And her style allows her to ask tough questions and push teams—but she does so in a way that empowers and activates.”

Kate Forrestall
Head of People, Tripadvisor
Headshot of Chip Conley

“Nicole led a workshop for our leadership team. She combines a practical “can-do” attitude with an intuitive sense of humans. She’s a wise advisor with a plentiful, effective toolbox to help both individuals and teams live up to their potential. And, she’s a bunch of fun as well!”

Chip Conley
Headshot of Tara Benson

“Professionals leave Nicole’s keynotes with confidence, deep skills, and an incredible sense of energy, passion, and possibility about succeeding in their position and company. You also receive practical, powerful tools and strategies to communicate more productively, lead effectively and create inclusive and brave cultures.”

Tara Benson
Headshot of Riki Hashimoto

“I can’t thank you enough for assisting my business in building our team. Finding the right people for the right positions is a difficult proposition. However finding the right people who fit our culture, company values and possess the right skillset seemed nearly impossible until I started working with you.”

Riki Hashimoto
Knightbridge Capital

“Demonstrating intentional facilitation is a valuable skill, and Nicole excels in this role. I’ve observed her handle difficult conversation in various settings. She gracefully acknowledged errors, addressing both the issue and the participant with empathy and understanding. Nicole truly embodies the qualities of an intentional facilitator.”

Dr. Alexandria White
Sr Vice President, Reboot Accel

“Working with Nicole was, in one word, electric. She expertly balances energy with empathy helping my team immensely in identifying how we show up, our motivators, stressors, and how we can better engage with each other to achieve organizational efficiency and excellence. I expected a wonderful session, but got so much more in the way of communicating, understanding, and partnering with my team and our stakeholders.”

Cashelle Butler
Special Lead to CEO, Guild Education

“We brought Nicole in to educate a handful of teams on communication styles, enneagram and how to more effectively partner with one another. Feedback across those teams was extremely positive; we saw a positive impact immediately in how people were approaching their work communication. The results were evident enough that the portion of employees who had not gone through sessions with Nicole clamored for an opportunity to do so”

Blake Rice
General Counsel, ArrowMark

“Nicole has become my black belt resource for workplace efficacy. She brilliantly uses the group settings to teach us how to improve our communication, receive input productively and translate it into action. We are then able to identify the strengths we each bring to the team so that we can optimize how each team member contributes to the whole. This empowered the team to come directly to me and for me to lead more effectively.”

Shane Kleinstein
Sr VP of Investor Relations, Liberty Media

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